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In this book you will learn step by step how to determine your most fertile days to increase your chances to get pregnant naturally.

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In our eBook “When am I fertile?“ Learn step-by-step how to determine the most fertile days in the cycle with the Symptothermal Method. Here you observe certain ovulation signs such as temperature, Cervical mucus and cervix, and document these signs in the course of the cycle and can then limit the most fertile time according to fixed Symptothermal Method rules. In Science the Symptothermal Method is also called Fertility Awareness or Natural Family Planing.

pregnancy rate - fertility awareness

C Gnoth et. al. Hum Reprod. 2003 Sep;18(9):1959-66.

Fertility Awareness is a scientifically proven method that has been used by couples in studies to achieve a pregnancy rate of over 80% after 6 months. By comparison, couples who don’t use this method only achieve a pregnancy rate of about 60%. I myself have successfully become pregnant with the Symptothermal Method twice, even though I have Hashimoto and luteal insufficiency and therefore had no cycle pattern. Since 2013, we have been fertility consultants and help women and couples fulfill their dream of childbearing and have already introduced hundreds of couples to courses in the Symptothermal Method. Many couples have become pregnant naturally with our help. And now we have our knowledge in the form of an eBook with exercise cycles + solutions and we are absolutely convinced that it can help you, of course, to get pregnant quickly and easily.

Wishing you all the best

Anne & Marcus

You want to get pregnant, but it just doesn't work out? In our eBook, we explain step by step how you can use Fertility Awareness to determine your most fertile days for optimum fertility and thus get pregnant naturally through sex.

  • Step by step instructions on the Symptothermal Method including overviews, video tutorials on the main ovulation signs and checklist to tick off
  • 10 exercises including 5 exercise cycles + quizzes with solutions
  • Extensive Practice-eBook with an empty cycle sheet for printing, rule summary and exercises
  • Fertility Awareness tips for everyday life-with test reports of suitable thermometers, cycle apps, ovulation tests and much more.
  • Extensive chapter on cycle diagnostics and root cause finding, of why you are not getting pregnant
  • Case studies with real cycles of women who have got pregnant with the Symptothermal method, despite luteal insufficiency and PCOS
  • 15 motivational testimonials of women who have got pregnant with the Symptothermal Method, despite Endometriosis, Luteal insufficiency, PCOS, Hashimoto, Shift work, Cycle chaos after discontinuation of the pill and bad Spermiogram
  • Bonus Ebook-Optimal nutrition for the cycle to get pregnant
  • NEW Bonus eBook - Determine fertile days despite shift work
  • NEW Bonus eBook - 10 ways to naturally promote fertility in men
  • NEW Bonus eBook - Getting pregnant after 35+
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

That's what women say to our book

Dear Anne, I have been waiting for my desired child for more than 3 years. A month ago, I started Fertility Awareness thanks to you guys. I didn't initially believe it could bring anything. Now I finally got pregnant. I could barely believe my eyes when I saw the positive test in front of me ... You guys are doing really valuable work and a great eBook. Keep it up!


"Hello Anne and Marcus! I started with a conference on Fertility Awareness shortly after the desire to have children. Prior to that, I tried to get pregnant in vain for 3 years and I am already 40 years old. Then shortly after moving to our new house it worked out already in the 3rd cycle-I am pregnant I thank you very much-you are doing such a valuable work. Thank you"


Dear Anne and Marcus,
I've been following you on Youtube for a while-your videos are great-but I've always had questions since I started Fertility Awareness. Then I saw your book and I wanted to buy it right away. What can I say, I've worked through your book and found that I have a prolonged Maturation phase. As a result, I always had sex too soon, although my ovulation was always much later-with your book, I easily correctly determined the fertile days for the first time and had sex and promptly became pregnant. I'm really very grateful to you, your book has helped me a lot-especially the chapter on cycle diagnostics-that's really helpful! LG Carina.“


Wow, Anne your eBook is great. I've only had it for a few days, but I've really learned so much already. The chapter on cycle diagnostics helped me a lot, I found out that I have a Luteal Insufficiency. Now I can take a closer look at that. THANK YOU Anastasia


      The lesson you will learn in our eBook

      • How to learn the Symptothermal Method in just a few days and determine the number of most-fertile days in the cycle
      • How to narrow down ovulation to a few days
      • How to determine a pregnancy 99% sure without pregnancy test, solely on the basis of body observation
      • How to calculate your expected date of birth of your desired child yourself
      • How to narrow down possible causes that hamper pregnancy by means of concrete cycle diagnostics

      Content of the eBook

      • Chapter 1 - Step by Step instructions to the Symptothermal Method

        Learn to determine your most fertile days and determine ovulation down to a few days. In our step by step instructions we show you from the body observation of the ovulation signs cervical mucus, basal body temperature, cervix to the concrete evaluation of the Symptothermal Method rules of the fertile days, everything you need to apply the method independently. With 5 exercise cycles (including solutions), rule overview, quizzes and vivid video explanations, you can check and deepen your acquired knowledge.

      • Chapter 2: Clever cycle diagnostics-What to do if it doesn't work out right away?

        Most women get pregnant with the Symptothermal Method within 6 months, but what if it doesn’t work out? In this chapter, like a detective, you will learn crystal clear how to scan your cycle and narrow down the cause of why you don‘t get pregnant. Learn from case studies on how to identify cycle specifics such as: luteal insufficiency and PCOS yourself and limit their severity.

      • Chapter 3 - Motivational success stories from women who got pregnant with the Symptothermal Method

        In the third chapter of the eBook, you’ll find motivational stories of women and couples who have successfully become naturally pregnant with the Symptothermal Method (NFP) despite luteal insufficiency, PCOS, endometriosis, long-distance relationships, shift work, Hashimoto, Poor spermiogram, etc. Learn how other women have mastered the challenge of using the method, how long it has taken and how they are doing with their desired child today.

      • BONUS: 10 videos for body observation of ovulation signs

        Deepen your knowledge with 10 bonus YouTube videos on the main ovulation signs and body observation of cervical mucus, temperature etc.

      • BONUS: Exercise eBook with 5 exercise cycles and cycle sheet for printing

        For the eBook there is an exercise book with 10 exercises of which 5 exercise cycles including solutions as well as rules overview and cycle sheet for printing

      • BONUS: The eBook is optimized for mobile devices

        Want to read the eBook conveniently on your smartphone, laptop, PC, iPod etc. on the go? No problem, because the eBook is visible in pdf format on any internet-enabled device and optimized by the font size and format for mobile devices.

      • BONUS PDF- Optimal Nutrition for the Cycle

        On the support Page you clearly get our best nutrition tips for the optimal cycle to become pregnant.

      • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

        Even if we can‘t imagine you‘re not happy with our eBook. There is a 60 days Money Back Guarantee, so you can check out if the eBook works for you.

      Special - Bonus eBook

      Getting Pregnant after 35+

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      You will learn this in the bonus eBook pregnant after 35+

      • 1) The 7 most important building blocks to become pregnant after 35+
      • 2) Clarify the causes of the unfulfilled desire to have children. The most important investigations!
      • 3) The main 6 food supplements to strengthen ova and fertility after 35+
      • 4) 10 ways to become pregnant from 35+ after a long waiting time

      In the 10-page pdf you will get a crash course on how you can increase your chances of getting pregnant from 35 years even after a long waiting time

      The eBook is for information only, it does not claim to be complete. It does not replace medical treatment or diagnostics. However, there is a first-hand overview of the complex subject getting pregnant after 35 +

      The Bonus pdf getting pregnant from 35+ Will be made available for download only to women who have bought the eBook WHEN AM I FERTILE?. It can be downloaded online in the members area!!!

      Special - Bonus eBook - Promote male fertility naturally

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      You will find out in the Bonus eBook 10 ways to promote fertility

      • 1) How can I test my sperm quality?
      • 2) How can I interpret the findings of the spermiogram correctly
      • 3) WHO guideline values for the spermiogram of a reproductive man
      • 4) Spermiogram is just a snapshot not a valid diagnosis
      • 5) 11 Ways to Naturally Boost Fertility in a man

      In the 9-page pdf you‘ll get a crash course on how to have the sperm tested, how to interpret the findings of the spermiogram correctly and how to naturally increase the fertility of a man.

      The book does not replace any medical therapy and diagnostics. It serves as information and is a crash course in the complex issue of fertility promotion for men

      Only women who buy the eBook WHEN AM I FERTILE? Will there be the bonus pdf “10 ways to promote the fertility of men“ with it. It can be downloaded online in the members area!!!

      Special - Bonus eBook - Determine fertile days despite shift work

      Special - You'll find out in the bonus shift work eBook


      • 1) Why the basal temperature may be affected by the measurement time
      • 2) How you can detect basal temperature readings as a result of the wakeup time or measurement time in the cycle
      • 3) Step by step instructions in the special rules for determining the fertile days during shift work
      • 4) Statistics and studies for the determination of fertile days in shift work with NFP
      • 5) How you can determine the fertile days even with 3-shift service with very different measurement times
      • 6) Recommended technical aids and basal thermometers for cycle evaluation during shift work

      This BONUS eBook is aimed at all women who work in shifts and thus have very different basal body temperature measuring times of several hours. The Symptothermal method is one of the few methods in the world where fertile days can be determined in almost 80% of the cycles despite shift work. Learn in this BONUS eBook how the Symptothermal method can be used without any problem despite the 3-layer system or extremely irregular cycles.

      Your Benefits

      • Practical

        The eBook contains many practical tips that I have collected in recent years at my own coaching sessions. These have proven their worth and are usually timeless, so they can be used for a long time to come.

      • Step by Step

        Especially at the beginning, small things often cause difficulties or cost a lot of time. This is why the eBook goes step by step into the Symptothermal Method (NFP), including instructions, e.g. on body observation of cervical mucus, cervix and measuring basal temperature.

      • Time-Saving

        In the eBook, all my information collected, tips and experiences are Organised and updated. This eliminates the annoying and time-consuming search for information on the Internet.

      • Tested

        The Symptothermal Method is a well-researched method that has achieved a very high pregnancy rate of 81% in just 6 months in Studies. In addition, I give my best tips, which I have collected as experience in the course of my coaching.

      • Realistic

        No doctor or method can guarantee you will get pregnant. But using the Symptothermal Method increases your chances enormously. Finally, through targeted cycle diagnostics, you can narrow down the cause of why it hasn’t worked out so far, crystal clear. This information alone has already helped many couples to plan the right next steps towards the desired child.

      • Timeless

        The Symptothermal Method is based on observing the ovulation signs of mucus and temperature the way nature created you and your cycle. The knowledge to determine the fertile days with this method is therefore timeless and will still be applicable in 1000 or more years.

      Created by...

      We are Anne and Marcus and have been a couple since 2008. In 2012, our first desired child saw the light of day. In 2017, the second child was added. That it worked out in both children, despite Hashimoto and luteal insufficiency already in the first real cycle, was not just a coincidence. Since 2009, we have been working on methods for determining the fertile days on which women are shown to become pregnant more quickly. In 2013, we also successfully completed a medical educational training as a fertility coach. We've been blogging about this topic since 2011 and we've also been on YouTube since 2015. With the desire for children eBook, we want to help women and couples fulfill their dream of the desired child.

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